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About Us

The Berlin Tennis Gallery is a one-of-a-kind exhibition.  Featuring the most extraordinary and iconic racquets of the sports of tennis. Not only is the Berlin Tennis Gallery one of the largest global tennis shows, with over 1200 historical racquets dating from around 1500 to the early years of today's lawn tennis, it is also unique, making it the premier sports gallery of its kind in the world.

The Berlin Tennis Gallery on tour

Together with our partners and customers, we organize historic tennis events where we present visitors with a representative selection of contemporary racquets. Contact us via our contact form

Our Staff




Andreas is the founder of the Berlin Tennis Gallery.  He discovered a passion for tennis at the young age of 10.  His fascination with the breathtaking development of the game of tennis and the racket in particular, began during his science studies.  From the early years, long before The Berlin Tennis Gallery was founded, up until today, he and his team have performed exhibitions at which the most striking rackets are shown alongside paintings of the well-known players.  In addition, the mathematician and management consultant has been working as journalist for tennis organizations and performs lectures about the history of tennis worldwide.


Media Manager

G-Anne is photographer and responsible for videography.  Equipped with strong technical expertise, creativity, and composition skills she produces images that visually tell a story.  Furthermore, she is responsible for our social media channels.  G-Anne is head coach and member of the Gorabells Production event management team.  She is known for the application of high-quality standards.  She and her team specialize in weddings, religious ceremonies, and fashion shows.  Her goal is always to achieve the best composition in her photographs.  She plans marketing strategies and reaches out to prospective clients.

Michael John


Art Expert

Michael John Peters is the art expert of the Berlin Tennis Gallery.  He lives on the island of Maui, Hawaii.  Michael has managed some of the world’s most reputable art galleries.  It was at these galleries that he built his skillset of gallery operations, event coordination, marketing, shipping, database management, pro active sales training, and sand castle building.   He is also on of the top artist of his region and paints in many mediums from oil, to gouache, and even sculpting.  He is in charge of integrating art based retail.

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