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Personal rackets of Pro players - 
Boris Becker Special Story




(documented or estimated)

Background facts:


Boris Becker



The Boris Becker racket shown below was produced personally for Boris Becker by Head Austria in 1995. Head Austria donated 4 of the rackets made for Boris to the Berlin Tennis Gallery.

But we wanna talk about a dramatic day in tennis. January 20, 1888

For ten years they were Güntzi and Boris, father and son, mentor and player. Boris Becker and former coach Guenther Bosch. It was January 20, 1987. Becker played against Wallie Masur in the round of 16 of the Australian Open. The big favorite Becker lost to the Australian outsider. The other day, Bosch expected Becker to practice, but he preferred to join a rock concert with his then-girlfriend. Bosch realized he had lost his hand over his longtime protégé. Eventually, he quit working with Becker. We show the rackets of Boris and Wallie below.


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