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Adidas Ivan Lendl GTX Mid-T Extended




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Background facts:


Ivan Lendl GTX Mid-T Extended (82,28 cm - 32 inches !!)



Adidas GTX Mid-T Ivan Lendl 82,28 cm !!! – In the late 1980s, some manufacturers produced rackets with the maximum allowable length and ITF-mandated cap of 32 inches (82,28 cm). The length dimension, which is no longer permitted by the ITF, has been applied to several rackets, amongst them the Adidas Mid-T Ivan Lendl racket. The illustration shows the Mid-T standard size as well as the racket in excess length.


Interesting fact ( The Frankensticks scared the ITF bosses who feared they would be so powerful they’d reduce the game to a boring fast-serving and quick-kill-shot contest. “We don’t want all the tennis players at the club serving like [Mark] Philippoussis with nobody being able to return the ball,” said ITF President Brian Robin, referring to the Scud’s blazing service missiles. “We believe [we] are correct, but we’re not able to prove [it].” The ITF decided to reduce the maximum length to 29 inches, effective 1997 for league players and effective 2000 for pros.



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What is The Berlin Tennis Gallery | English Version

What is The Berlin Tennis Gallery | English Version

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