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Gamma Prototype 32 inches




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The Gamma Giraffe, 32 inches – The length of a modern tennis racket shall not exceed 29 inches (73.7 cm) in overall length, including the handle. In the late 1980s, some manufacturers produced rackets with the maximum allowable length and ITF-mandated cap of 32 inches (82,28 cm). The length dimension, which is no longer permitted by the ITF , has been applied to several rackets, amongst them the "Gamma Giraffe". The illustration shows only 1 original prototype of The Gamma Giraffe that was manufactured and can now be seen in The Berlin Tennis Gallery.


Interesting fact ( The Frankensticks scared the ITF bosses who feared they would be so powerful they’d reduce the game to a boring fast-serving and quick-kill-shot contest. “We don’t want all the tennis players at the club serving like Mark Philippoussis with nobody being able to return the ball,” said ITF President Brian Robin, referring to the Scud’s blazing service missiles. “We believe we are correct, but we’re not able to prove it. "The ITF decided to reduce the maximum length to 29 inches, effective 1997 for league players and effective 2000 for pros.

Racket was donated to the Berlin Tennis Gallery by Otto Dobrounig, former site manager of Adidas Marmoutier, France.



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What is The Berlin Tennis Gallery | English Version

What is The Berlin Tennis Gallery | English Version

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