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Special forms - shaft & throat
Snauwaert Ellipse Touch




(documented or estimated)

Background facts:


Ellipse Touch



Snauwaert “Ellipse Touch”. It was the year 1990. The Australian Open Men's fourth round match between John McEnroe (USA) and Mikael Pernfors (SWE) saw the American controversially disqualified from the match after three code violations. The Snauwaert Ellipse Touch was the last racket of McEnroe before he retired from the game. The illustration shows the Ellipse Touch C with a demo sample displaying the interior work. The idea of the design was to reduce vibration.

From the file: Fashion Line, developed by the Snauwaert research laboratories with the advice of John McEnroe. H.F.V.L. Hight Freequency Vibration Lock. Worldwide patent. Elliptic, BE Patent. "....the racket´s head is separated from the handle by a rubber insert to dampen vibrations. Snauwaert Classics. Made in Europe."


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