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Special forms - shaft & throat
Major Nazka




(documented or estimated)

Background facts:





We are often asked what was the very first racket of the Berlin Tennis Gallery. It was this Major Nazka. Andreas Fixemer, founder of the Berlin Tennis Gallery played this racket type by himself. Andreas "I was amazed by the shape looking like the top of a plain. I bought 4 of them, payed three, and decided to keep one for historical memora. That was the beginning of the Berlin Tennis Gallery project".


About the racket and the manufacturer:

Major Sports “NS Navcom Nazka”, 1988. One of the most beautiful shapes ever applied on tennis rackets in terms of frame design and stunning graphics. Based on Nazka Delta Technology, VCS Vibrations Control System, Technifibre TF, SL3. Striking thick throat. Major Sports is also known as Major International with its headquarter located in 78810 Feucherolles, France. Technifibre, the well-known manufacturer of tennis strings, founded in 1979 by Thierry Maissant, is an affiliate of Major International. Interesting: The name “Major” was introduced in honor of the founder of tennis Major Walter Clopton Wingfield, who patented lawn tennis on February 23, 1874. The original intention was to name the brand “Wingfield” instead of Major. But they had to settle for his rank rather than his name ´cause another manufacturer from Taiwan had been producing rackets under the brand “Wingfield” for quite some time.



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What is The Berlin Tennis Gallery | English Version

What is The Berlin Tennis Gallery | English Version

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