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The Tennis Revolution -
The Injection Molding Process




(documented or estimated)

Background facts:


Multiple. Here: Max 200G



The “method of injection moulding of rackets with a core to be melted out after the process”, German: Spritzgussverfahren für Schlaeger mit ausschmelzbarem Kern”, was the invention that changed the game. Applied for first in Great Britain on March 7, 1978. It received many objections at first from other parties as well as the Patent Office. The Dunlop Max 200G, which was made famous the world over by Steffi Graf and John McEnroe who used it for years, was manufactured according to this method. It was the first racket to win a Wimbledon title after classic era of wooden and metal rackets (John McEnroe, 1983). Inventor: F.W. Popplewell and W. Saffron


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