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MacGregor Asics




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MacGregor Asics

EZE Touch #1



Asics EZE Touch # 1. Bergelin Longstring System US Pat 4595201 Euro 0106852, 100% Graphite. The Bergelin Longstring System was designed and patented in 1986 by German aeronautics engineer Herwig Fischer, and endorsed by Lennart Bergelin, one-time Davis Cup winner and former coach of Bjorn Borg. The system comprised a series of 64 miniature nylon pulleys built into the six-sided graphite head. The face was strung with two 27-foot lengths of string that looped around the pulleys and converged in the handle. The ends of the string were inserted into an aluminium block only visible through an opening in the base of the handle, which was pulled into position by a screw thread. Fischer and Bergelin promised a much bigger ‘sweet spot’ with the LongString system compared to conventionally-strung frames. The reason being, when the ball came in contact with the stringbed, the pulleys fed string into the racket, allowing it to give slightly from the centre all the way to the frame. This ensured that no matter where the ball was hit on the string bed (even off-centre), it would get a powerful rebound.


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