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(documented or estimated)

Background facts:

Sports Innovations

A-3 fan-like stringing pattern 



US Patent No. 4333650 3337662 United Kingdom No. 2056288 Taiwan 18429. G. Balance CM Swing Pular Moment of Inertia. KG CM. 17 Inch Long Strings at 7818. Tension Cross Strings at 56 N 14DEG. Fanout Pattern Reduce Vibration 25%. Enlarge Sweet Sport. Extended Percussion Center.

Siegfried Kuebler stated: The main strings lead through the holes of a yoke without touching a second yoke positioned further down and turning there. The stringing pattern flares outwards from the yoke to the tip of the racket. The main strings are longer than allowed  by the ruling of the ITF. An application for an exceptional ruling for this racket was filed and allegedly granted. Estimated 1987.


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