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Gradidge of Woolwich




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Background facts:

Gradidge of Woolwich

Extra Special ?



Gradidge & Sons was a manufacturing specialist of lawn tennis requisites. Known for experimenting with handle shapes. One of the company's most popular racquets was the one with a fantail grip. 


The racket was sold on June 21, 1996, by Christie´s. Description: "A Special racket by Gradidge of Woolwich, 1890's, convex wedge, reinforced shoulders and finely-scored fantail handle. Such rackets and handles were quite popular from 1885 to 1910, some were made this way until about 1930."

About the company:

Gradidge & Sons. The company was referred to as H. Gradidge in 1890. Factory, Artillery Place Woolwich, S.E. 18, England.


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