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Ormond Club




(documented or estimated)

Background facts:





Ormond was one of the oldest British companies to make tennis racquets.  It was known by the quality of its products.  The Club was made with the head shape was applied by Ayres and Ormond from the mid 1880s, first.

We received the racquet from Jonathan Schmitz, Leipzig. Jonathan told us: "My wife and I bought an old house in Leipzig, Germany, that still had a lot of legacies. Here, we found 2 tennis rackets, amongst them this one (Comm: The other one was the "Ekert - The Club" also presented on this page). The racquets were owned by the previous owner Paul Osterloh or his son Dr. Alfred Osterloh who were botanists/zoologists and produced biological teaching models. As part of this activity, they traveled internationally to trade fairs and exhibitions before the turn of the century. The tennis rackets have been brought back from one of these business


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