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Steidel Club




(documented or estimated)

Background facts:





Another example of the 1920s standard racket with 2 additional main center strings, cross strings in red. 


About Steidel:

Steidel was a German sporting goods shop, one of the largest stores in Germany at the turn of the century. It was founded in 1860. Adolph Steidel also sold rackets with its own brand names and the Steidel logo. His heirs later bought the house next door, tore them down and built the house there that you can still see today. A younger brother, Gustav, went to Leipziger Strasse in 1853 and opened his own shop there. The house bumped against the side of the hospital colonnades. Around 1870 Gustav bought it and the neighboring house, tore it down in 1884 and built a new one. With this new building, the shop opened as a sports shop. This sports shop was later continued by his youngest son Theodor (+1942), while the older Alexander (+1945) opened a pastry shop in the same building in 1893. The house was destroyed during world war II.


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