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25 May, 2020. James B. Halley and Co. “Opresto”, est. 1924. Halley’s was a retailer and relative latecomer to the golf business. They sold other lines such as tennis prior to introducing their own golf “Pyramid” brand in 1926. The illustrated racket was strung in the late 1990s with original unused strings from 1920. The stringing technique is based on the English patent, No. 13799, granted to the Slazenger Company in 1998.

The second longitudinal string left and right from the center line are let twice through the appropriate hole. The very same stringing in the center could not be copied by other manufacturers, at least in England, without infringing on the Slazenger patent, which was valid until about World War I. Many rackets made between 1890 and 1930 are strung with strings of different colors for the mains and the crosses. Most popular were the colors red and green.

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