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22 July, 2020. The Gazelle is the artwork of Czech superstar Karolina Pliskova. Karolina`s elegance and mental strength fueled the incentive for the outstanding painting.

About Karolina

Karolina is a former world No 1 player from Czech Republic. She was top-ranked by the Women's Tennis Association WTA in July 2017. She has won 16 singles and five doubles titles on the tour, as

well as 10 singles and six doubles titles on the ITF Circuit. On 31 October 2016, she peaked at world Number 11 in the doubles rankings. She reached her 1st and, as of today, only Grand Slam final at the 2016 US Open, where she was runner-up to German Angeliqe Kerber in 3 sets. As a junior player, Plíšková won the girls' singles event at the 2010 Australian Open. She has also played for the Czech Republic in the Fererations Cup.

Artwork The Gazelle

The Gazelle was done by G-Anne Fixemer as a commissioned artwork, painted at The Berlin Tennis Gallery in 2020. The size of the figurative painting is 75x50x3.5 cm. Originally planned little more than a sketch, it is now mounted as a handscroll that is 75 cm long as a result of the inspirations by the artist over the time. Karolina`s energy and unconditional will to get the ball shines through. She does so because the artist has managed to distill her observations of both Karolina`s strong skills and talent which she`s achieved during her career, and earlier depictions to create an image that embodies the vitality and form of an iconic “fighting gazelle.” She has achieved this with the most popular of means: brush and oil on canvas.

The Berlin Tennis Gallery Artworks´ Style

This is the aim of The Berlin Tennis Gallery (The BTG) arts: to capture not only the outer appearance of the player but her inner essence as well - her energy, life force, and spirit. To accomplish this goal, the painter rejects the use of unnatural artistic effects. Like the photographer who prefers to work with bright and strong colors, The BTG regarded a deep blue color as the central means to express the key message of the painting. The artist also insisted on the changeable qualities of light and shadow.

Figurative Art

Figurative art, describes artwork that is clearly derived from real (person) sources, and is therefore by definition representational. “Figurative art” is often defined in contrast to abstract art: Paintings can therefore be divided into the categories of figurative, representational and abstract. The formal elements, upon which figurative art is dependent, include line, shape, color, light and dark, mass, volume, texture, and perspective. These elements are deployed to create an impression or illusion of form and space, and to create emphasis in the narrative portrayed.

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