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17 July , 2020. HD – In videography, HD stands for “High-definition”, a quality way higher than the standard definition. The same association could be applied to the partnership of Head and Djokovic. Djokovic made the move from Wilson to Head prior to the start of the 2009 season, when he was ranked No 3, and experienced early struggles with the new stick, but wound up winning 5 titles. So far, Djokovic has won 17 Slam singles titles, the third-most in history for a male player, 5 ATP Finals titles, 34 ATP Tour Masters 1000 titles, 14 ATP Tour 500 titles, and has held the No 1 spot in the ATP rankings for over 280 weeks. In majors, he has won a record 8 Australian Open titles, 5 Wimbledon titles, 3 US Open titles, and 1 French Open title. By winning the 2016 French Open, he became the 8th player in history to achieve the Career Slam and the 3rd man to hold all 4 major titles at once, the first since Rod Laver in 1969 and the first ever to do so on 3 different surfaces. Djokovic doesn´t have the perfect technique as players like Federer and Nadal, nevertheless he is the most effective, smart, and psychical strong athlete on the tour.

What racquet does Novak Djokovic play

Novak actual racquet is the newest version of the Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro. Note that Djokovic customizes his racquet with the use of lead tape around most of the frame. This

changes the balance of the racket

and affects the swing weight. Djokovic racquet is originally quite heavy at around 370 gram swing weight, but with all the elbow issues that he have occurred over his career, he reduced the swing weight to around 340 gram.

With over 10 years under its belt, the updated Graphene 360+ Speed Pro has a slightly more flexible feel than its predecessor along with a higher swingweight. The result is a racquet that not only delivers better ball feedback, but also greater plow through and stability. The updated Graphene 360+, combines the power and stability of Graphene 360 with twisted fibers in the shoulder area to help the racquet flex optimally at impact. With its sub 12-

ounce weight, thicker 23mm beam and 100in² head, it's not only faster and more forgiving than the classic racquets of yesteryear, but it also packs impressive spin potential considering its dense string pattern. Ultimately, by combining classic control and feel with a dash of modern speed and spin, the Graphene 360+ Speed Pro continues to be one of the most versatile player's racquets on the market.

The best player in history

With Djokovic, Head has the best player on the tour under contract. From a mental point of view, I call him the best player in the history of the sport. You don´t think so? Novak’s career is characterized by fierce rivalry with both Nadal and Federer, but also high-quality apprentices like Andy Murray,

Andy Roddick and Stan Wawrinka. What’s more, there has been no clear surface which Djokovic can easily exploit. Rafael Nadal’s has effectively monopolized the French Open, such is his dominance on clay, and Federer stands in the way both on grass and hard courts. The statistics back this claim up; Djokovic has the highest Elo rating score in Open Era history, which considers the quality of opponents faced. The greatest must come from those competing in the new millennium.

Novak`s technique, while perhaps less fluid than Federer’s, is nevertheless as close to textbook as possible. Renowned coach Nick Bollettieri agrees: “When you look at match players in the history of tennis, I don’t believe that anybody can equal everything on the court that Djokovic does. I don’t think you can find a weakness in his game. His movement, personality, his return of serve, his serve, excellent touch, not hesitant in coming to the net, great serve. Overall, almost every player has a downfall; to me he doesn’t have one. He’s perhaps the best put-together player that I’ve seen over 60 years.”

And that quote encompasses precisely why Novak Djokovic must be considered the greatest male tennis player of all time. His statistics are arguably the best of anyone, but it is his mental edge and sheer infallibility at his peak which make him number one.

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