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The Evolution of Tennis and the Racquet

Preface/Instructions: Learn about the history of the sports of tennis and the development of the racquet.  Photo and video production by G-Anne Fixemer.  Click the photographs and get background facts, close-up views, and a video sequence.

Chapters (processing):

  1. From hand to racquet (1000 AD - 1500)

  2. Era of solid wood (1500 - 1930)

  3. Era of laminated wood (1930 - 1985)

  4. From steel to composite (1920s - 2000)
    4.1 Steel racquets (Dayton, Lacoste, Wilson)
    4.2 String technology
    4.3 Weight stabilizing systems
    4.4 Special forms - shaft & throat
    4.5 Special forms - head shape
    4.6 The revolution - the inspection molding process


The online gallery will show about 300 historical racquets. Pictures and videos are in editing process. We are going to publish them in the order of completion. Each racquet will be presented on an individual page. Per preface instruction, a one-time click on the racquet shots below will guide you to the respective pages.

Head Radical Tour 260 Andre Agassi, 1995

Head Radical Tour 260 Andre Agassi 1995

Wilson Pro Staff Lite Classic Steffi Graf, 1995

Wilson Pro Staff Lite Classic Steffi Graf 1995
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