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Our Services

Let us give your event that extra touch - with a historical tennis exhibition tailored to your event motto. Our service packages at a glance:

1. The racquet exhibition

We present your guests with a representative selection of contemporary racquets that show the entire development of the sports of tennis. Starting with the very first racquet from 1555 to the modern racquet played by Roger Federer himself

2. Playing vintage tennis

Your event guests can try out the tennis player's historical tools. We provide the necessary equipment for show matches or tournaments

3. Lecture on the history of the sport

During a 1-hour lecture, your guests will learn everything about the history of the venerable sport. Particular emphasis is placed on how and, above all, why things have developed over the centuries as they did

4. Tennis arts

In cooperation with the greats from ATP and WTA, we offer your spectators art of a special kind. Our Roger Federer & Co. paintings are made in oil on canvas. A large part of the sale of the paintings goes to the event organizer as well as the foundation of our partners, as in the past the foundations of Nick Kyrgios and Roger Federer

150 years of Lawn Tennis_edited.jpg

Racquet Exhibition

Showing the most important and  iconic racquets in the  history


Tennis Arts

Oil on canvas paintings of ATP and WTA players. In cooperation with N. Kyrgios



Andreas guiding the audience through the evolution of tennis


Vintage Tennis

Vintage tennis tournaments. Traditional white clothes of the 1920s

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